• A leader company to change the world beautiful
    A leading company of hair beauty market
    A company to make people's hair beautiful all over the world

    SMCOS CO. LTD., which has only walked one path,
    is a company of the hairdressers, by the hairdressers, for the hairdressers
    and will open a new way in the creative beauty market with humble attitudes and positive thoughts.

    I'm Alvin Ryu, the CEO of SMCOS CO. LTD.
    I've only walked one path so far.
    While I walked along that path, I researched, developed and produced only hair products.
    Each product was born with wisdom and passion after the extensive research and effort.
    I have tried to mak products honestly so far and thought it is the only way to earn trust of all hairdressers.
    Starting with SMCOS CO., LTD. in 2013,
    We are th leaders for an evergrowing and developing hair beauty market, having introduced products such as Makisaki Hair Clinic,
    Synchronize Color Treatment and Candy Color, as a company specialized in hair esthetics and beauty.
    In the future, all employees of our company, SMCOS CO. LTD., promise to grow into a model company that makes good products honestly and sincerely.
    The company, SMCOS CO.,LTD.,promises to become a wise company that reads the needs of beauticians with a management philosophy of humility, optimism, and creativity.